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Discover Life without Bladder Leakage

Safe, effective, single treatment for women’s urinary incontinence.

Incontinence is common.

But you don’t have to live with it.

Millions of women experience some degree of bladder leakage or urinary incontinence. Dr. Carol’s personalized, single-treatment procedures are safe and effective in stopping or greatly reducing bladder leakage for women.

Do you…

Schedule activities around bathroom locations.

Miss out on social engagements or avoid activities like swimming, hiking or travel fearing you’ll have an accident.

Pee in your pants when coughing, laughing or sneezing.

Stop Waiting!

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About Dr. Carol

I know what it’s like living with bladder leakage. In 2015, as I entered menopause, I began to experience involuntary bladder leakage. I felt I’d lost control of my body and my life. I was starting to wear pads and hoping for the best, without much hope of overcoming this embarrassing and frustrating condition. Then I found a treatment that completely stopped my incontinence.


Hi, I’m Dr. Carol Petherbridge, a naturopathic physician with 37 years of clinical experience. After regaining control of my life, I decided to focus my medical practice on treating women who suffer from urine incontinence. There is hope! You can get back to an active, confident worry-free life.


 Please schedule a discovery call to learn more.

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“Busting Myths about Urinary Incontinence in Women” Discover what new, effective treatments are now available. 

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