Free Anti-Aging Evaluation for New Patients!

Free Anti Aging Evaluation for New Patients Dr Carol Petherbridge ND

“After trying countless other treatments, Dr. Carol’s approach changed everything for me!” -JW in Bend

Freedom Regenerative Medicine offers specialized care to optimize health and youthfulness.

Our state-of-the-art naturopathic solutions powerfully address the underlying cause of many chronic conditions and the effects of aging.

The Promise of Regenerative Medicine

Harness your body’s natural capacity to heal itself.

Freedom Regenerative Medicine is a progressive clinic offering state-of-the-art solutions for anti-aging.

The clinic is now accepting new patients who want to live a life that is free from limitations.

We utilize a truly innovative, naturopathic approach to reverse cellular aging, helping women and men achieve optimal health and youthfulness.

The clinic’s founder and practicing physician, Dr. Carol Petherbridge, N.D., moved from Chicago to become an Oregonian in 1981 and naturally loves all the outdoorsy stuff here in Bend. She brings more than 35 years of experience developing integrative programs that harness her patients’ natural capacity to heal themselves.

Dr. Carol is especially passionate about helping women restore their youthfulness, confidence, and freedom, by offering a safe and effective non-surgical method to address urinary incontinence and enhance sexual wellbeing.

Dr Carol Petherbridge ND - Naturopathic Physician in Bend OR

Dr. Carol Petherbridge, ND has 35 years experience providing private, confidential care with a luxurious, natural approach.

Personalized care designed just for you is our specialty. We’ve created a very private, confidential environment combined with a luxurious natural approach, so you can look and feel incredible!