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Dr. Carol Petherbridge

Naturopathic Physician

I'm excited to announce that I've joined Discover Chiropractic & Wellness teaming up with

Dr. A.J. and his talented practitioners to lead the clinic in Advance Wellness. 

- Dr. Carol

Advanced Wellness

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About Dr. Carol

Dr. Carol Petherbridge, N.D., has more than 37 years of clinical experience and provides a compassionate and safe environment for patients to partner with her in their pursuit towards advanced wellness. She is on the forefront of natural medicine while integrating the latest in medical science to offer her patients the most effective therapies.


In 1986, Dr. Carol graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland Oregon. After graduating, she moved to Medford, Oregon and started the Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic and for several decades offered family medicine. She then moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon where the focus of her practice shifted to regenerative medicine.


Dr. Carol moved to Bend, Oregon in 2020 and founded the Freedom Regenerative Medicine Clinic. The highly successful procedures she performs include Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, Extra Cellular Vesicle (ECVs) therapy, and utilizing the latest in medical technologies such as radiofrequency (RF). These safe and innovative procedures have proven to be life-changing for women suffering with urinary incontinence and sexual health issues. These types of therapies also help men and women with concerns such as autoimmune and chronic conditions, inflammation, and retaining vital healthy function. Her goal remains to ensure her patients advance their overall wellness and quality of life.



Dr. Carol's passion for the emerging field of Advanced Wellness and Regenerative Medicine led her to join Discover Chiropractic & Wellness, sharing Dr. A.J.s’ vision to expand patient access to innovative, leading-edge healthcare.

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