The Promise of Regenerative Medicine

The Promise of Regenerative Medicine

An elegant, luxurious, effective solution that works for me and my patients. My passion is to share this with those who would like to change the trajectory of their aging. I would love to meet with you and help you start on your path to freedom.

Freedom Regenerative Medicine offers specialized care to optimize health and youthfulness. Our state-of-the-art naturopathic solutions powerfully address the underlying cause of many chronic conditions and the effects of aging.

We live in an exciting era where possibilities for healing and repair with Regenerative Medicine are truly cresting into a new frontier. Dr. Carol, founder of the Freedom Infusion Program, teaches the nature inspired concept “Spiral of Health” to assess the course of your health and wellness. Ask yourself, are you moving downward towards pain and suffering or upward towards more health and vigor?

Is the Freedom Infusion Program right for you?

Our 8-week program is personalized, powerful, and life changing. The heart of our program centers around addressing inflammation and harnessing the regenerative power of Extracellular Vesicles. These essential messengers are designed to activate your stem cells to heal and restore damage that occurs during the natural aging process.

Freedom Regenerative Medicine is a progressive clinic offering state-of-the-art solutions for anti-aging. As Dr. Carol’s patient, you’ll receive confidential and comprehensive expert medical guidance on your personalized transformative journey.

“After trying countless other treatments, Dr. Carol’s approach changed everything for me!” -JW in Bend

The Freedom Infusion Program

The Freedom Infusion Program dramatically reduces inflammation

  • Alleviates chronic pain
  • Improves energy and sleep
  • Increases endurance and vitality
  • Reduces recovery time for greater resilience
  • Enhances memory, clarity, and focus
  • Beneficially impacts your risk factors for chronic disease

“In a time when many of us are feeling powerless, thank goodness we still have power over our wellness. The body is an amazing organism – even a little bit of love and hope goes a long way in moving us up the spiral of health”. ” – Dr. Carol Petherbridge, ND

The clinic’s founder and practicing physician, Dr. Carol Petherbridge, N.D., moved from Chicago to become an Oregonian in 1981 and naturally loves all the outdoorsy stuff here in Bend. She brings more than 35 years of experience developing integrative programs that harness her patients’ natural capacity to heal themselves.

Dr. Carol is especially passionate about helping women restore their youthfulness, confidence, and freedom, by offering a truly innovative, naturopathic approach to reverse cellular aging, helping women and men achieve optimal health and youthfulness.

Harness your body’s natural capacity to heal itself.

Dr Carol Petherbridge ND - Naturopathic Physician in Bend OR

Restore. Revitalize. Regenerate.

Will This Procedure Work For You?

Take 15 minutes and Find Out Now!

The first step to freedom is to request a free consultation to find out if you’re a good candidate for our innovative treatment. Following the phone consultation, if you’re ready to seek relief, we’ll schedule an in-person meeting.


Schedule Your FREE Consultation

The first step in learning if you are a good candidate for regenerative therapy is to schedule a convenient 10-15 minute call with Kennedy Cole. This initial call is free and convenient.

During your call, Kennedy will schedule your initial in-person consultation with Dr. Carol Petherbridge and answer any general questions that you have about our practice and services.


In-Person Meeting With Dr. Carol

Following the initial telephone evaluation, if it appears you are a good candidate for therapy, we can schedule an in-person meeting with the doctor.

During this individualized consultation, Dr. Carol will evaluate your condition, perform an antioxidant, anti-aging scan, answer all your questions, and develop a Regenerative Freedom Package that best fits your needs and lifestyle.


Personalized Treatment Plan

Begin your journey back to freedom with our innovative, comprehensive, regenerative approach.

Dr. Carol will be with you every step of the way, guiding you up the spiral of health, so you can live in freedom, without limitation, and engage fully with what brings you joy!

Personalized care designed just for you is our specialty. We’ve created a very private, confidential environment combined with a luxurious natural approach, so you can look and feel incredible!